Annual Notifications


Asbestos Notice-All Facilities in the North Marion School District in accordance with the Federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act have been inspected for the presence of friable asbestos. In this inspection careful attention was given to the accessibility and condition of any asbestos found in our buildings. The results of this inspection was then put into a management plan to detail how we will manage and maintain it to provide a continuously safe and healthy environment for everyone that enters our facilities. This management plan can be found in the District Office, each school office and the District’s Maintenance Office for you to examine. Cleaning, preventative measures, training and periodic surveillance is being performed on an ongoing basis. Our required three-year re-inspection was completed in 2006. The School District has committed itself to providing the safest possible environment for students, staff and the community. If you have any questions, contact Boyd Keyser, Superintendent of Schools at 503-678-7100.

Child Find Notice -The North Marion School District in accordance with the rules of the State Board of Education, is seeking to identify all children within district boundaries who may have disabilities and who may be in need of special education (ages 5-12), early childhood special education (ages 3-5), or early intervention services (younger than 3). If you believe your child may qualify or if you know of other children who might qualify, please contact Dr. Patrick McArthur, Director of Special Programs at 503-678-8509.

Division 22 Compliance -Superintendent Ginger Redlinger reported at the January 14, 2019 Board Meeting that North Marion School District is in compliance with and implemented as required, all of the standards for Public Education and Secondary Schools as set out in OAR Chapter 581, Division 22, including all new revised rules in the following standards: 1) District Improvement Plan; 2) Policies on Reporting Child Abuse; 3) Diploma Requirements; 4) District Curriculum; and 5) Required Instruction Time. The School Board by an approved motion accepted the report.

Each year school districts across the state are asked to provide assurance that they are meeting all of the applicable state standards governing schools. These standards, known as division 22 standards, cover all of the essential requirements from hiring practices to safety procedures to curriculum issues and everything in between. Division 22 includes over 50 different standards that schools must meet each year.

This notice is to provide assurance that the North Marion School District has met the standards for the 2017-18 school year. For more information, you may go to the Oregon Dept. of Education webpage regarding the standards. ODE Guidance Division 22 Assurances

Click on link to view Report to the Community Standards assurances list.   Division 22 Report to the Community List

Early Intervention and Childhood Special Education - Early Intervention (EI) and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) are specialized services offered to eligible children with special needs, ages birth to kindergarten. An infant, toddler, or preschooler who has or is suspected of having problems related to the following should be referred to the North Marion School District Director of Special Programs, Dr. Patrick McArthur at 503-678-8509.

  • Developmental delays
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Speech and Language
  • Motor
  • Socialization (relating to others)
  • Behavior or Learning

Integrated Pest Management Plan. ref- ORS 634.740 - An OSU faculty member with expertise in pesticide toxicology has reviewed all of the pesticides that we use, and they meet the requirements of a "low-impact pesticide" as defined in ORS 634.705 (5). They NEVER have a label category that is higher than Caution, and contain no known carcinogens. You can find a copy of the approved list of pesticides at the following web page: . If you would like to see what we are doing and how we go about improving the condition of our schools to create a healthier environment for your children you may review the entire OSU School IPM program at Our custodial, kitchen, maintenance/facilities staff have completed IPM safe school modules, and are eliminating pests through cleaning and organizing our environment. In addition, our teaching and support staff have also been educated on how they can help. We are sealing up our buildings, eliminating clutter, keeping food in plastic storage containers, eliminating leaks and drips in our plumbing, properly pruning our landscaping, and being more thorough in our cleaning efforts. Through these efforts we are eliminating the things that pests need to survive. We are also providing a healthier learning environment for your children, and saving the school district money by reducing costs, work load and less pesticide use. If you have questions or concerns about these products, we encourage you to contact our IPM Coordinator, Steve Marsh at 503-678-7107. 

Applications scheduled: TBA

Special Education - Special Education services are available to support students so they can be successful in their school experience and educational program. Students who have special needs in the areas of speech, language, vision, hearing, physical impairments, academics, social or behavioral may be eligible for special education services. Eligibility for services is determined by a systematic referral, evaluation, and identification process, which determine areas of need and appropriate services. Students should be referred to the special education coordinator in the student's school if special needs are suspected, or Charyl Dyer, District Coordinator of Special Programs, 503 678-8512.

Title Funds and No Child Left Behind - North Marion School District has received Federal Title I funding to supplement the regular core curriculum, particularly in reading and math. North Marion Primary School and North Marion Intermediate School have been designated as School-Wide Title IA Projects enabling all students to benefit from the funding with the Success for All reading program, Bridges Math and Everyday Mathematics and additional teachers, instructional assistants and materials to support instruction. Other Title funds received from NCLB for the current school year are targeted toward professional development programs for teachers and instructional assistants, for enhancing second language learner programs, training teachers in the use of technology, and supplementing the drug-free school's curriculum. The funds are targeted to help us meet our goals of increasing achievement for all students so that we leave no child behind. Funds from the Federal grants provide supplemental services to North Marion that the general fund budget dollars cannot support. The applications are written to align with the goals of the school district, as well as meet the requirements of the law. If you have any questions concerning the Title programs under NCLB, please call Boyd Keyser, Superintendent at 503-678-7101.

Migrant Program - North Marion School District participates in the Willamette Education Service District Region 16 Migrant Program. The program allows the District to serve families who are migratory. The Home School Consultant recruits families in their own native language making them aware of services available within the community and foremost, assisting the families with school registration and educational opportunities for their children. NMSD seeks to meet the needs of migrant students through regular instructional programs with support.

Parent meetings are scheduled throughout the year to provide parents with information regarding migrant issues such as changes in the law, health concerns, and ways to help the student become more successful in school. Guest speakers, experts on migrant education and parenting, present content at the meetings.

Parents receive reminders of the meetings not only in English, but also in their native language. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Rubiella Contreras (Spanish) at 503-678-7115.

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